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Joys of fine food by Dirk 


At Les Brigittines, you are the guest of master chef Dirk Myny. The old post office in art nouveau style with huge chimney creates a warm and friendly ambience, complemented by elegant and attentive service. Right through your meal,

Dirk will help you discover the pleasures of authentic cooking, with a strong local flavour. 


Passionate about cooking 


Today more than ever, Dirk is a real Brusseler. With a Flemish father and Walloon mother, he draws on a mix of cultures

and has an openness to different ways. He chose to honour

the very best of brasserie cuisine; dishes we all know and love,

but prepared with their true soul and flavours. Every dish is unique, because every product is unique, and Dirk’s cooking carries this to the finest detail. Always searching for authenticity, Dirk Myny invites you to share a traditional cuisine; one that he continually reinvents and makes his own.


About Dirk's menu


Market freshness! It comes from the fusion of Dirk’s love of authentic France (pigs trotter from Saint Chinian), his creativity, his talent for marrying surprising tastes (steamed Danish cod), and his rigorous work ethic. 


Leeks from Nantes 


In Dirk’s kitchen, the shrimps and cod are fished from the North Sea; Nantais leeks are grown in Nantes; and Limousin veal does indeed come from that region where cattle history is as old as the continent itself. The origin of his products are certified, and of high quality. As a measure of this guarantee, Les Brigittines suppliers are listed on this site, because Dirk

is proud to introduce them to you. This conviction comes through in his finest dishes, such as veal braised for 4 hours

in Cantillon kriek beer, and vol-au-vent (sweetbread, farm hen, poultry quenelle, cockscomb and mushrooms, served with crisp French fries)…to name just two. Here, like nowhere else, we take the time to bring the best out of our ingredients.  


« Beer and wine are fine »

... or the sensual agreements of Dirk Myny  


Beers (gueuzes, lambics, krieks and artisanal brews) much appreciated by the chef play a special role in Les Brigittines’ menu and subtly complement its fine cuisine. Some exceptional crus also lie in the restaurant cellar, including one of the capital’s finest selection of Alsace wines. Dirk Myny knows the wine growers of this region like the back of his hand. Intrigued and passionate about the grape, he is now moving towards natural wines: living wines with wilder, more acidic notes. Sharing his delight in discovery, he now offers you some novel labels, rather than the well-known names, to surprise your palette with an explosion of flavours and recognize the work of talented artisanal wine growers. But Dirk is always alert to his customers’ desires. How would you like to drink your wine: chilled, bubbly, easily drinkable, surprising, … rock ‘n roll? 


One night I dreamed of Zenne Pot...


One of Les Brigittines’ top creations is the famous Zenne Pot: cabbage cooked with Cantillon gueuze, Bloempanch (traditional Brussels black sausage), dried sausage, whelks…plus the mischievous watchful eye of the chef. A dish of irresistible tastes! He serves it with a Cantillon gueuze, a Zinnebir beer, a tangy Gros Plant Nantais wine ...or all three together. Come and savour the flavours at Les Brigittines.

You will succumb!  

© Ilan Weiss

Les Brigittines – 5 Place de la Chapelle – 1000 Brussels – Sablon – Tel: +32(0)2/512.68.91 –

Open: 12h >> 14h – 19h >> 22H – Closed: Saturday, Sunday and official holidays 

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